What’s next for the Geriatric Authority of Holyoke?

holyoke geriatric authority

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) — The last patient has moved out, but 22News continues to follow what’s going to happen to the Geriatric Authority of Holyoke’s building and the money the nursing home owes to the city.

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse told 22News the City is challenging the board’s filing for bankruptcy. There will be a hearing later this month.

Morse said the board needs approvals from the City Council and himself before seeking bankruptcy protection. “The City’s main intent is to make sure that we have the most site control over the property to dispose of it in the future and also to make sure that we recoup some of the debt owed to the City.”

Morse said the city wants to sell the building in the near future and use the profit to erase some money the Geriatric Authority owes.

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