Triplet calfs born

NEW YORK (NBC News) – 700 calves are born each year at Top Deck Holsteins near Westgate, Iowa.

That’s about two calves born every day, but last Friday things were a little different.

“Well about 3:30 Friday I noticed she was calving and about an hour later she wasn’t making progress so I checked here and I reached inside and there was two heads coming so I knew I needed to intervene and I pushed the one calf back and I pulled the other one up,” says Derek Decker.

Decker knew something was up because normally calves weigh 80 to 100 pounds for a single born calf. The first two calves born were roughly 40 pounds a piece.

“I thought I might just want to check for another one because they weren’t very big and sure as heck there was a third calf in there,” says Decker.

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