Teen cardiac arrest

(KPLC) A split-second moment changed an Oberlin family forever, when a typical afternoon baseball practice turned into a parent’s worst nightmare. 12-year-old Zach Villareal was an All-Star baseball player, who is now fighting his hardest battle off the field.

Candid moments on a mother’s cell phone capture Zach’s energy and wit before the day that changed him forever. Zach is the youngest of three athletic boys. “They play basketball, football, baseball, track. We’re the sports parents!” said mom, Rae.

Even before Zach was old enough to dress out, he was on the field with his big brothers.

When it was finally his turn to play, parents Rae and Tony say he gave it his all. “He played All-Stars on two teams and he was going back and forth between tournaments, playing for one team, going back and changing uniforms, playing on the other team,” said Tony. “He loved it.”

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