Mailman arrested for stealing birthday money

TRUMBULL, Conn. (WTNH) — As people get home from work, they take letters and bills and notices out of their mailboxes. But is it all there? Cash is being stolen from kid’s birthday cards and other letters for the past month in Trumbull. Postman John Beddington has been arrested for theft.

“That’s sad, I can’t imagine if someone took my son’s birthday card, or something like that,” said Michelle Falzarano of Trumbull.

Police say Beddington picked up the mail from this post office in Monroe to deliver in Trumbull. A manager grew suspicious last month and reported it. Inspectors out of New Haven launched an investigation, and a surveillance detail which included putting $40 in marked bills in a card. They caught him red-handed opening it and other mail.

“He deserves to be arrested,” said Margaret Kobza of Trumbull. “People work hard for their money and they want to give gifts and should go to the kids who deserve it.”

A spokesperson at the post office said they can’t comment on a pending case. When asked about the tracking envelope that they used, they say they can’t go into surveillance details but the police report describes the envelope as having a GPS tracker, as well as an alarm, so that when you open the letter, and broke the seal the alarm sounded and that is when they swooped in to make the arrest.

Heidi Sandrowski said that was going “above and beyond” on the post office’s part.

So where was the stolen birthday cash going? Police say they also arrested Beddington on drug charges, they found pot in his mailtruck

“I think it’s just a sign of desperate times and desperate people,” said Lisa Brennan of Trumbull. “It’s really sad.”

Police said they are not sure how much money or how many cards were stolen.

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