Apartment complex going green

TURNERS FALLS, Mass (WWLP) – One Turners Falls apartment complex has turned the oil off, and the renewable energy on. They just finished installing a wood pellet heating system at the Keith Apartments on canal street in turners falls.

Wood pellets get delivered through a pipe in the basement where they’re stored in bins. The wood pellet-fired boiler in the next room burns the pellets, providing heat and hot water for the apartments above.

Bellamine Dickerman from the Montague Housing Authority told 22News the housing authority received this technology as part of a state grant for renewable energy.  “It’s so good. Feels so good because we go green basically and for small housing like us, and a small town to be able to to do this is just tremendous help.”

This new system replaces their oil burning boilers and is estimated to save the complex about ten to fifteen percent in energy costs. The Montague Housing Authority hopes to get more grants to fund more renewable energy conversions.


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