Travelers look to avoid extra bag fees

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP)–  If you want your bag to travel with you next time you fly, it’s likely going to cost you.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released new data that shows the nation’s airlines collect a total ofmore than $3 billion in baggage fees each year. But that number is down slightly from 2012, which some say is because travelers have become more careful choosing their airline and how they pack.

The Parker family was forced to book last minute tickets to Florida. They were hoping they read the airline’s policy correctly, but packed accordingly in case a surprise charge came up when they checked in.

“One free bag so we packed this one nice and big so we can put it in there, and then we packed these smaller bags so that if it’s not free we can take it on the plane with us,” Denne Parker said.

For many airlines a bag like this one will cost you $25 to check, for a family of four that’s an extra one hundred dollars, one way. Some airlines have also started charging up to $50 for overhead bin space.

The Transportation Bureau of Statistics also writes that airlines brought in nearly $3 billion in 2013 from reservation change fees,

One frequent flyer told 22News he’s had to pay up into the hundreds for one flight change.

“Sometimes my clients call and say ‘hey for the weekend i need a chef in Dallas, or Vermont or at my vacation home in California or something, so I have to be ready to go and change my flight plans accordingly,” Jonathan Miller explained.

Airlines’ profits from bag and ticket change fees each make up less than two percent of the airlines’ total operating revenues.

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