President Obama tackles climate change

(NBC News) President Obama will bring some of the nation’s top weather experts to the White House Tuesday to urge action on climate change.

He’s releasing the 2014 national climate assessment focusing on the long-term impact of extreme weather changes.

The White House says the report was developed over four years by top climate experts with input from the public. It’ll detail region-by-region what the administration believes is the impact of changing weather patterns.

“97 percent of scientists agree; there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that exists that climate change is real,” says Senior Advisor to the President John Podesta.

The National Climate Assessment will look at what the administration says are extreme weather changes: flooding along the coast – where more than half the nation lives, more intense and more frequent hurricanes, crops at risk across Middle America, and drought and wildfires out west.

“This third National Climate Assessment will be the most authoritative and comprehensive source of scientific information ever produced about how climate change is going to impact all regions of the United States,” says Podesta.

The Administration blames greenhouse gases for disrupting our weather.

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