Holyoke City Council continue to debate the city car ordinance

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Holyoke mayor’s city-assigned car is one of just two city cars that do not have the city seal, but that could soon change.

The Holyoke City Council is debating a final approval on an ordinance to place a seal on Mayor Alex Morse’s car. This has been part of the City Council’s ongoing effort to update the car policy after Mayor Morse’s cousin allegedly drove his car drunk.

If it earns the last round of approval, the only city-assigned car without a seal will be the police chief’s car.

City Councilor Rebecca Lisi told 22News, “Our travel policy is very vague and ambiguous in places and really leaves it up to our municipal employees to use common sense. So the City Council is really just trying to flush out some areas that may be gray or vague.”

“We felt that there really is no reason why the mayor should be exempt,” Councilor Lisi added. “Public safety is one thing, but we don’t see that the mayor serving in any public safety capacity where he or the city will be in jeopardy if the seal were on his vehicle,”

Councilor Lisi said the City Council will continue to review the city car policy and update it if necessary.

The Holyoke City Council with have a final vote on the ordinance in the next city meeting.

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