Warmer weather brings a higher risk of ticks


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Some ticks, not all, can carry the very dangerous lyme disease. You likely won’t feel a tick bite, so you need to check yourself and your pets for them after spending time outdoors.

Ticks spent their winter indoors, attached to mice, but with warmer weather they’re outside on animals and in overgrown brush like this.

Bob Russell of American Pest Solutions told 22News, “They’re waiting for something to walk by that they can snare or hook onto and then they’re going to crawl up and try and find a place they can put its mandibles in and start to draw blood from you.”

If you find a tick on your skin, you should pull it out with tweezers and save it so the tick can be tested for carrying lime disease.

Wearing light colored clothing, tucking your shirt into your pants and pants into your socks will reduce the chances of a bite.

Russell recommends removing overgrown brush and having a fence to keep other animals from bringing ticks onto your property.

Normal bug sprays aren’t as effective as the insecticide known as permethrin which can be sprayed on your shoes and on your lower pants.

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