Investigator: Fire set to car with bodies inside

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — The discovery of traces of fuel led to the determination that someone intentionally set fire to a car that contained the bodies of three homicide victims, officials testified Monday.

Investigator Stewart Jacobs from the Maine Fire Marshal’s Office testified that the blaze started inside the car and spread rapidly, engulfing the bodies.

Randall Daluz, 36, of Brockton, Massachusetts, and Nicholas Sexton, 33, of Warwick, Rhode Island, are charged with three counts of murder and one count of arson.

The fire caused so much damage that it took investigators three hours to remove the charred remains of the victims, jurors were told. In the afternoon, jurors were sent home as lawyers and the judge set the parameters for questioning of the sister of one of the victims the following day.

The victims were 26-year-old Daniel Thomas Borders, 26, of Hermon; Nicolle Ashley Lugdon, 24, of Eddington, and Lucas Alan Tuscano, 28, of Bradford.

Nicholas Sexton Randall Daluz

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