Hampden residents vote “Yes” on a new police station

HAMPDEN, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents in the Town of Hampden voted Monday night to approve a tax increase to fund a new police station, which would cost nearly $3 million.

RESULTS: 266 – YES; 248 – NO

The police currently operate out of space in the Town Hall, which 22News toured on Friday. Police Chief Jeff Farnsworth said that the space is too small, and there are lots of problems, ranging from a lack of space to separate suspects and witnesses, to the fact that in the break room, officers’ lunches chill in the refrigerator alongside evidence.

The new station will cost $2.9 million, and would be four times the size of the Town Hall space, and would take two years to build. It would be located near the Hampden Senior Center on Allen Street.

Town residents would have to pay higher taxes during the next 20 years to finance the cost of the building.

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