Dealing with allergies in the spring

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have seasonal allergies, you know very well that pollen is starting to become an annoyance. 22News found out ways people can deal with it and avoid a trip to the doctor’s.

For people with allergies, one perk of a long winter was a late start to Spring. Now that flowers are finally blooming, pollen is starting to come out and doctors are seeing a lot of people come in with allergy problems.

Dr. Khama Ennis-Holcome at AEIOU Urgent Care recommends if it’s a humid Spring day, keep the windows closed to avoid pollen from coming in. She said a Neti pot can help relieve sinus pressure, and also recommended getting some over-the-counter remedies like Claritin or eyedrops.

“Folks in the last couple weeks have started to come around a lot with symptoms that can be confused with other things. Sometimes they think they have a sinus infection when it’s really just sinuses reacting to the pollen that’s increasing in the air.”

Patients are coming into Urgent Care with itchy, red eyes expecting it to be pink eye, but it’s really just allergies.

If you know you have seasonal allergies, it’s recommended to start taking antihistimines now, to prevent discomfort when the pollen count is highest.

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