Controversial issues could end up on the ballot

BOSTON (WWLP) – Controversial legislation, like the bottle bill reform or the repeal to the gas tax hike, have until Tuesday to be approved. If lawmakers simply do not act, ballot question committees would have to gather 11,000 more signatures to secure a spot on the November ballot.

“They got well over 100,000 last Fall so 11,000 is certainly a doable amount and we’ll do it over the next eight weeks or so,” said Bill Vernon who is supporting the appeal of the gas tax indexing law.

Ballot question committees told 22News they do not expect lawmakers to approve the bills, but all is not lost. By leaving it up to the voters, these committees believe their piece of legislation could finally be passed.

“77% of Massachusetts voters approve of the bottle bill expanding. We’re confident that if this goes to November and a vote is held by all the voters of Massachusetts is that it’ll pass,” said Ken Pruitt of the Environment League of Massachusetts who supports the bottle bill expansion.

Ballot question committees have until July 2 to gather 11,000 additional signatures. Other potential ballot questions deal with minimum wage and possible repeal of the casino law if the state’s highest court strikes down the Attorney General’s ruling to keep it off the ballot.

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