Major leaf delay hitting western Massachusetts trees

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Another cooler than normal day around western Massachusetts did nothing to help it look more like spring outside.

If you’ve been walking around feeling like something’s missing, you’re right.

Look up and you’ll probably find many trees that look like this…almost leafless!

Steve Bordenuk from 16 Acres Garden Center has never seen it take this long for trees to start growing their leaves.

“Typically by now we’d have leaves on the trees. As you can see by these trees behind me they haven’t leafed out yet. I’d say they’re probably three to four weeks behind schedule,” said Bordenuk.

This means that what you’re seeing outside looks more like early April foliage than early May. Of course, the weather’s to blame.

A cold winter and a spring without much real warmth haven’t pushed the leaves out yet.

And the problem isn’t just affecting trees; plants that would normally bloom a month ago have only just started.

“I noticed that I haven’t mowed my lawn yet. There’s really not any buds on my plants, the flowering plants and shrubs…I have a flowering tree in front and there’s nothing on it yet or anything, so it’s been a slow start,” said Mike Dusza from East Longmeadow.

So what’s it going to take to make the trees look closer to normal again? Well 60 degree temperatures just won’t cut it. We need more sustained 70s if not 80s to get the leaves back.

Normally we don’t see temperatures averaging in the 70s until mid to late May.

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