Unclaimed property to go up for auction

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BOSTON (WWLP) – The state’s holding literally billions of dollars in unclaimed property. 22News is working for you with how you can find out if there are any valuable items or cash that belong to you.

One in ten people in the state have unclaimed property just sitting in a safe. With a click of a mouse, you can find out if any of it belongs to you.

There are more than $2 billion worth of unclaimed property, cash and securities just waiting to be claimed in Massachusetts.

This Saturday, items that haven’t been claimed in nine years will go up for bid on eBay.com. Items like unique jewelry, collectible currency and high-end watches will be up for grabs.

State Treasurer Steven Grossman told 22 News about his favorite piece.

“I thought the crab pin was incredibly different and unusual; not something you would see created these days, but certainly is a piece of old heirloom jewelry that a number of people will bid on that,” said Grossman.

Last year, the treasury returned $103 million worth of property back to owners.

Click here for a link to the eBay auction.

Click here for a link to find unclaimed property.

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