Study: Women still earning less than men

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)–Today’s working woman is reportedly earning three times more than her mother did, but 22News found those women are still earning less than their male co-workers.

Maria Mendoza has worked and lived in Holyoke for nearly more than 40 years. She said to keep up on earning a living her working days keep getting longer and longer, “And then we have to come back to the house and keep working. We work all the time,” Mendoza said.

A new Pew Research Study found there are four times more working woman today than there was one generation ago which means they are now nearly equal contributors to the household income.

The Pew Research Center also found that young women today are starting their careers more educated than the men their age, but that they are, on average, earning less money than those men.

Some job placements experts argue that wage gap between men and women could have something to do with men choosing higher paid professions, like skilled positions. Other research says it’s because some woman temporarily leave their work to have children, but whatever the reason the concept doesn’t sit well with some.

“Honestly I’m not that surprised, but I don’t really support the idea. If they’re doing the same job they should get paid the same.” Dylan Brown, from Huntington, said.

Stephanie Valentin, from Springfield, told 22News, “I feel like we are just working too much and not getting what we need.”

Pew researchers argue if women continue to graduate at higher rates than men, their wages are likely to become the closest to men’s than ever before.

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