Recycling toilets for road construction

NEW YORK (CNN) – Colorado has come up with an efficient way to keep toilets and money from going to waste. Whether you call it a toilet, a potty, or maybe a porcelain throne, when you’re ready to recycle yours, Colorado Springs utilities wants it.

It starts as a piece of toilet. It’s crushed down to even smaller pieces of porcelain, and you won’t believe where it goes next. You drive on it every day. After the porcelain is crushed to about three-fourths of an inch, it’s used as road base.

“This product has structural stability. It has good weight and it has moisture qualities which allow it to be very stable, and it’s heavy too so it’s a good component of the reconstruction and new construction.”

Last year, Colorado Springs utilities processed 6,600 toilets and urinals, that’s close to 500,000 pounds. It’s cheap for contractors, environmentally safe and it helps you get rid of an unwanted toilet.

“The public loves it. These toilets were sometimes a problem, they were littered and they just weren’t really easy to reuse.”

Now other cities are looking to Colorado Springs and asking how they can keep money and valuable product from going down the drain.

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