Looking back at April’s weather and what we can expect in May

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – April was quite a month. Even though it was spring, winter took its time leaving. Late on April 15th into the early morning hours of April 16th many of us woke up to a coating of snow.

And on April 17th we set a new record low, with the temperature getting down to 22 degrees at Westover in Chicopee.

Heavy rains and melting snow up north led to minor spring flooding along the Connecticut River.

At the same time dry and windy conditions and a lack of vegetation led to brush fires all across western Massachusetts, including one that kept firefighters very busy on Mt. Tom on Easter Sunday.

Now that it’s May many are hoping it will start to feel more like spring.

“Being able to walk outside, like I said being able to start our vegetable garden it’s already a little bit later than it should be. So we’re very happy that it’s warming up everything is starting to bloom. Everything’s starting to look green we’re starting to be able to forget about the yucky weather we had all winter. Jessica Roberge of East Longmeadow.

“Hopefully nice and warm not to cool not to warm but just something everyone can adjust to and get outside and play and barbecue and have that nice May weather,” said Lindsey Goodrow of Wilbraham.

At the beginning of May our average high temperature is 65 degrees but by the end of the month the average high is 74.

This is also the month we usually start to get severe weather with the threat for thunderstorms.

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