Graduating Seniors react to bleak job outlook

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A new report finds that the job outlook for graduating seniors is bleak at best. Most of the students 22News spoke with on Friday at Amherst College were cautiously optimistic and hopeful that their hard work will pay off.

You go to college, study hard, get good grades, and graduate with a diploma in hand. It’s an advantage in the hiring process, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll get a job. The reality is starting to set in for students at Amherst College.

“It is stressful because you like to think that you are really prepared for the real world and it’s an unfortunate reality that it’s a tough market,” said Beth Hall, a Senior Psychology Major.

Many of these graduating seniors will be sent off into the working world on May 25th.

Samara Fantie is a Senior Math Major. She told 22News her plan. “Apply to as many legitimate places as possible, hope for the best, worse comes to worse, go for grad school.”

They’re known as the disconnected youth. People under the age of 25, without a job. It affects one in every 10 college students, and one in every five high school students.

With students loan debt about to top $1-trillion nationally, it’s important that these graduates find jobs to dig themselves out of debt.

Elena Villafana is a Senior History Major. “Yeah I just got like two job rejections in the past hour. But ya know, It’s okay. You have to keep moving forward. Can’t let it get you down.”

The unemployment rare for college grads was just under 11% in 2013. That’s better than 2012, but still not as low as before the recession in 2007 when it was 7.7%.

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