Longmeadow will recieve $4.5M if MGM gets license

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Longmeadow town leaders say they’re excited to see their fight for casino compensation has finally paid off.

A casino arbitration panel ruled in favor of the town of Longmeadow this week, awarding them significant payments for surrounding community impact, should MGM build a casino in Springfield. That money is specifically tied to any potential town expense associated with a casino.

“Roads could use some help,” said Kate Pacella of Longmeadow. “They try and keep up but it’s tough and maybe some of the infrastructure over by the shops area and the center of town.”

“On Route 5, people traveling off the highway into Springfield. We already see so much traffic,” said Katie Wartman of Longmeadow.

If MGM does receive a gaming license, the Town of Longmeadow would receive nearly $4.5 million over the course of the next 15 years.

That’s why the near $4.5 million will go towards road work traffic, alcohol-related vehicle incidents, and other emergency calls. Some Longmeadow residents say regardless, the money still doesn’t compensate for the problems a casino could bring to the town.

“Traffic wise, crime wise, business wise, it’s not going to help us at all. Get a few million dollars? It’s not going to be worth  it,” said Sam Forgey of Longmeadow.

Town Manager Stephen Crane released a statement saying the town is pleased with the arbitration panel’s decision. Longmeadow will only receive the $4.5 million dollars if MGM is allowed to build a casino in Springfield. Crane was in Boston Friday meeting with the state Gaming Commission and MGM.

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