Thicker toilet paper can impact your wallet

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The thicker the toilet paper the more likely you’ll have plumbing problems, especially with older pipes.

Veteran Holyoke plumber Josh Brennan of the Mr. Rooter national plumbing chain told 22News the more expensive toilet paper’s the real culprit.

Brennan said, “Three ply is the thickest and that’s where most of the problem is. It’s harder for it to break down and the harder it is to break down, that’s where the issues caused because it binds up.”

Brennan also said single ply toilet paper takes one week to break down once it’s been flushed away, two ply two weeks, three ply three weeks, and more than a month for a really thick paper towel.

Karen Bogacz of Agawam said, “I had a plumber that told me you can’t use the really thick toilet paper, will plug up your plumbing system and take a while to get it out of there.”

According to Brennan, stuffed toilets account for 85 percent of all plumbing problems he fixes.

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