Lord Jeffrey Apartment complex owners penalized

BOSTON, Mass. (MassDEP) – The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) penalized Herbert G. Berezin and Gerard F. Doherty, owners of the Lord Jeffery Apartments (LJA), $30,860 for violations of environmental regulations at the complex, located at 121 North Main Street, Belchertown. LJA was cited for failure to meet regulatory deadlines for assessment and cleanup of a release of oil to soil, groundwater and wetlands at the apartment complex and for failure to meet performance standards in a cleanup plan submitted in March 2013.

In May 2006, MassDEP was notified of an oil release to wetlands at the property. LJA took initial actions to address the situation with oil-absorbent booms and submitted the required documentation in May 2007. However, subsequent assessment was not performed in a timely manner and the planned comprehensive cleanup was not implemented as scheduled in 2010. MassDEP notified LJA of its noncompliance with required deadlines twice previously, in 2009 and 2012.

“Lord Jeffery Apartments repeatedly delayed needed assessment and cleanup work, which is unacceptable,” said Michael Gorski, director of MassDEP’s Western Regional Office in Springfield. “This agreement puts the cleanup plan back on track and memorializes deadlines for conducting the work.”

LJA will pay $10,000 of the assessed penalty; MassDEP has agreed to suspend the remaining $20,860 provided LJA remains in compliance with the order. The terms of the order include deadlines for report submittals and implementation of the comprehensive cleanup within six months.

MassDEP is responsible for ensuring clean air and water, safe management and recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources.

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