Searchers skeptical in finding the missing Malaysian plane

(CNN) – An Australian company released images it believes could be wreckage from Flight 370 in the Bay of Bengal; 3,000 miles from the current search zone.

Skepticism is high but so is curiosity. Two navy ships from Bangladesh are enroute to investigate. However, in a new interview with the man in charge of Australia’s search efforts rejects the company’s claim.

He is confident the best experts in the world have led his team to the right place. On the basis of their analysis is that the aircraft appears to have entered the water in the Indian Ocean.

Within hours the Malaysian government is expected to release to the world a preliminary report on the investigation into Flight 370’s disappearance. The routine report is expected to include factual details like a timeline, but will not make any conclusions about the cause of the plane’s disappearance.

Meantime, Flight 370 families are learning even more. In a second day of in depth briefings, Malaysian authorities went through their detailed questions line by line; many questions on the planes emergency locator transmitters, which never signaled a crash.

They demanded to know when they were last inspected. The data of the check was done on the 23 of February 2014. Is it possible to break the ELT on high impact? The ELT can break-anything on the aircraft can break.

Skeptical of the calculations that lead search crews to the south Indian Ocean, families probed trying to determine if experts missed something.

“What I wanted to see here is whether or not certain considerations of mine have been indeed taken into account… that directly affects the accuracy of the inmarsat report.”

Meanwhile, in southern Indian Ocean, bad weather had disrupted the subsea search effort, but now the Bluein 21 is back underwater scanning for evidence of Malaysia airlines Flight 370.

Well it’s important to know that geo residence, the company that claims to have found a plane in the Bay of Bengal, won’t release its 23 page report to CNN or give details about the methodology used and that is why satellite and airplane imaging company are so skeptical, but with two ships now headed to the area to investigate we may soon have enough information to end the debate.

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