Engineering students designing helpful machines

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – University of Massachusetts Amherst engineering students have developed some real world devices that are helping people now.

23 teams of UMass seniors have spent the semester designing and building prototypes that solve real problems for real people.

They worked with the school of nursing to develop an exercise machine for a man with shoulder problems, and they also invented a device to help a woman get back on her feet after a fall.

“So our goal was to make a self-contained chair that she could crawl over to and use, that she would work by herself, and she could use a switch to help herself up,” Daniel Hewitt said.

Allyson Long said, “We built this machine right here, which is collapsible, and it’ll fit in his room and it’s light weight which is important compared to the other ones that are already on the market.”

One team worked with Yankee Candle to improve on the company’s wax-cleaning device. The created other assertive devices including a crutch cup-holder, a zip-line brake, and a snow melter.

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