Microsoft Internet Explorer security problem

Associated Press

NORTHAMPTON, Mass (WWLP) – For many people, the Internet is a necessity in their lives. That’s why it’s concerning that their information seems to be so vulnerable to hackers.

This time, Microsoft warns users that versions of the web browser, Internet Explorer, have what’s called a security “gap.” A hacker can take control of your computer if you click on certain “insecure” links.

The affected Internet Explorer versions are 6 through 11.

Karen Andrade from Southampton said they’re not too concerned because they need to use the Internet no matter what. “There’s no way around having to use the Internet. And so we just kind of have to be aware because there are people who are just trying to keep getting your information or just to mess with you.”

Microsoft is working on a way to fix the security gap. It’s suggested you use a firewall on your computer and update all your software when it’s available.

The Department of Homeland Security is advising people to use another web browser until Microsoft fixes the problem.

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