Thunderstorm safety tips

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Lightning is one of the top weather related killers in the country. If you’re outdoors during a thunderstorm there is no safe place to be other than indoors.

You’re safest in a sturdy enclosed building, or inside a car with a metal roof. However, if you can’t get inside: get as low as possible, but don’t lie on the ground.

Dr. Garry Bombardier from Holyoke Medical Center has treated 3 lightning strike victims. He said the injuries can be catastrophic. “If it hits you it can cause the tissues on your body to overheat and explode. You can get burns from it and it can cause immediate death.”

If you’re inside during a thunderstorm, avoid using corded phones, plumbing, plugged in electronics and stay away from windows and doorways.

Lightning can strike up to 10 miles from a thunderstorm so if you can hear thunder you’re close enough to get struck.

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