Home Insurance: Is tornado damage covered?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After seeing the images of tornado damage down south the past several days, you may wonder what would happen if a tornado hit where you live.

Even though there are still signs of the tornado that hit western Massachusetts almost 3 years ago, homeowners insurance covers quite a lot when it comes to severe weather.

The damage from the recent tornado outbreak in the South and Midwest can be tough to watch, and might make you anxious about the possibility of tornadoes here in western Massachusetts.

“It’s scary, there have been tornadoes for centuries, but in my lifetime it seems they’re more frequent,” said Andrea Macgovern from Springfield.

Considering the sheer power of these destructive winds, you’d want to know if insurance would protect your home if a tornado hit.

“Kind of makes you nervous, like anything could happen and you want whatever you can for instance on your house, just to be safe,” said Justine Gelzinis from East Longmeadow.

22News asked Bill Trudeau from the Insurance Center of New England if most policies cover tornado damage.

“Tornado and falling objects and things falling out of the sky from tornadoes are examples of things that are all covered by standard insurance and homeowners policies,” said Trudeau.

But not all weather impacts are covered as we head into severe weather season.

Perhaps the biggest insurance concern you should have during spring and summer months is for flood insurance. Flash flooding can happen to anyone, not just for people who live near rivers and streams.

Flood insurance isn’t part of a standard policy, but it’s required if you live in a high risk flood area.

Any coverage you have, has limits.

If the damage exceeds your coverage, then it’s on you to pay the rest.

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