Forced to flee

(WESH) Police in Daytona Beach, Florida say a man tried to rob an ice cream shop Monday afternoon and then forced an innocent bystander to be his getaway driver.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Johnny Quatto, went up to the service window at Icy Paradise and pushed himself through the window, pointing a gun at the clerk.

The clerk tripped the hold-up alarm, and police were there in seconds.

Quatto ran across the street and forced his way into Matthew Taylor’s vehicle. Taylor was driving and his 15-year-old son, Devon, was in the car.

“‘My son’s in the car. We ain’t going anywhere with my son in the car. I’ll take you wherever you need to go, but let him out,'” said Matthew Taylor to Quatto during the carjacking.

Quatto agreed and Matthew Taylor drove off with Quatto, but police were waiting down the road.

“He threatened me that if I didn’t go around them that he was going to shoot me,” Taylor said. “So, I just took a risk and figured I could jump out before he could shoot me.”

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