Campaign to stop the use of weaponized drones continues

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Nick Mottern, an author, started a campaign to stop the use of weaponized drones. Mottern said drone attacks and surveillance are hostile and must be stopped immediately.

Some people told 22News using drones also violates our First Amendment rights. Paki Wieland of Amherst said, “Drones not only can kill people in far away countries, but they also can be used to infringe on our privacy, the privacy that’s guaranteed by the Constitution.

Many people said there are positive ways to use drones, such as finding missing people. They just want the use of drones to be carefully monitored, and any warfare use ceased immediately.

Amherst and Leverett held town meetings last week to consider resolutions to regulate drones, and to end government use of the aircraft for assassinations.

Amherst and Leverett Town officials developed a petition to express their concern about the U.S. using drones to kill people in Yemen and Pakistan. The petition would ask Senator Elizabeth Warren to propose a law to stop funding drone killings.

The petition also calls for a restriction that would keep drones at least 500 feet above private property.


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