Arkansas: Stories of Survival

(KARK) Vilonia, Arkansas was one of the towns hardest hit by Sunday’s deadly tornadoes. It’s now the location of some amazing stories of survival and tragic tales of loss.

Matt Cobb, 17, and his family hid in a small space under a mattress as the powerful tornado ripped through.

“I thought I was gone,” Cobb said. “I thought we were about to just fly away.”

Their home was reduced to rubble, but Matt and his family somehow survived. A block over, Glen Michel, his family and 14 neighbors rode the tornado out in a storm cellar.

“Like 10 freight trains going by,” Michel said of the sound of the tornado.

After the noise stopped, he peeked out to get a look.

“I shut the door back, turned around, looked at my wife, I said, ‘Babe the house is gone,'” Michel recalls.

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