84yr-old arrested 8 times in 5 years

GROSS POINTE PARK, MI (WDIV) – Bill Foley is 84 years old, but consider these numbers: “I got arrested eight times in five years.”

Police see him as defiant and disorderly. He sees himself as a crusader.

Reporter: “What do you think of Oakland County?”

Foley: “I think they’re rotten.”

Foley has filed a federal lawsuit against several departments there. One incident happened at the Walled Lake Villa, where he allegedly blocked access to elevators he claimed were faulty.

“I said ‘this elevator not working.’ They said ‘use the other one.’ How the hell do I know that’s working? They called the cops on me,” said Foley.

He also got in trouble for his tactics in Highland Township, accusing his landlord of supplying tainted water. And there’s the legendary cucumber incident when he argued with a grocery store manager.

Foley: “So he had a cucumber and he’s tapping it in his hand…Going like this in my face.”

Reporter: “What did you do?”

Foley: “I took it.”

Oh yeah, he was arrested for that. It’s not related to his lawsuit, which reads like war and peace. Though peace isn’t a word cops would assign to Bill Foley.

“I’m a helper. Some would say a hell raiser. I do a little of that too,” said Foley.

However, Foley said police were keeping him from his lawful right to point out health and safety problems where he lives.

“I have a right of free speech,” said Foley.

He’s been evicted twice and now lives in Grosse Point Park, where the suitcases are still open.

Reporter: “Some say at this stage of life mellow out and take it easy.”

Foley: “That’s to die.”

Foley reached settlements with some of the defendants in his lawsuit. He met with others Monday to also discuss possible settlements.

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