2 RI men face credit card fraud charges in Mass.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — Two Rhode Island men are facing charges in Massachusetts for allegedly using a counterfeit credit card to make more than $3,500 in purchases and having dozens of other credit cards in other people’s names in their car.

Ivannieris Mejias, of Providence, R.I., and , and Davis Valverde, of Cranston, R.I., were both held on bail after pleading not guilty Monday to charges including improper use of a credit card, receiving stolen property over $250, larceny over $250, and forgery.

Employees at a Westborough Staples store called police Sunday to report that two men had used a questionable credit care to make $3,500 in purchases.

Officers found the suspects in a nearby restaurant and a search of their rented car turned up 54 credit cards in names other than their own.

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