Travel insurance may not be necessary

(CNN) – If you’re planning a big summer vacation, especially an international getaway, you may be weighing whether to buy travel insurance, just in case something happens while you’re away from home. In many cases, however, you may be already be covered.

So you’ve planned the trip of a lifetime. You got a deal on the airfare. Your hotel has won rave reviews. Your itinerary is packed with those activities you’ve been dreaming about for years. What could possibly go wrong?

Travelers who have invested a lot of money and time in their vacation plans, may consider protecting that with travel insurance.

It’s possible you don’t need to buy anything at all. Smarter travel recommends thinking about the insurance you already have. Depending on your plan, your health insurance may already cover medical needs abroad. Your auto insurance may cover you when you drive a rental car. And some homeowner’s insurance will cover loss or stolen personal items no matter where it happens.

Certain credit cards may also offer protection when a trip is booked. If you do need to and want to buy extra coverage for your trip, look for discounts on policies through your employer, or groups you already belong to like AAA or AARP. And before purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, remember to check which reasons will get your money back, plus the limits and exclusions of your policy, especially if you’re going on a trip during hurricane season.

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