Tax holidays to benefit restaurants

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Some people wait all year for sales tax holidays to buy appliances and other expensive items. 22News discovered there may soon be more tax holidays to benefit other industries.

There could soon be four days this year that people won’t have to pay taxes when they go out to eat! State lawmakers are looking into a bipartisan Meals Tax Holiday budget amendment proposal to offer tax free days at restaurants. The Restaurant and Business Alliance said this would help 300,000 workers in the hospitality industry in Massachusetts.

The goal of the tax-free meals would be to entice people to go out to eat and boost business, especially for locally owned restaurants.

Myka Plunkett, a waitress at Jake’s, told 22News, “I think it puts people in the mood to spend a little money, you know? Gets them excited, gets them outdoors. I think it’s encouraging if everything else is tax-free too, you know, I think it helps everybody.”

The waitress said in towns with just a few restaurants, it might scare regular patrons away from going out to eat on those days if they thought places would be too busy, but she thought it would be only beneficial to Northampton restaurants.

If the budget amendment is approved, the tax free meal days would be this July 27th through July 31st.

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