Springfield tornado survivors impacted by recent tornado outbreak

Pennsylvania Avenue rebuilt after June 2011 Tornado.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As they were dramatically reminded this weekend in parts of the Midwest and the south, spring means “tornado” season.

On Pennsylvania Avenue there’s been a lot of rebuilding since the June 1st tornado three years ago, but residents here are still sensitive to when other parts of the country get hit.

For the people in the Springfield area and across certain parts of western Massachusetts who had to deal with that tornado in 2011, outbreaks like this bring back bad memories.

Nicholas Tuzzio lives on Pennsylvania Avenue and saw his neighborhood destroyed and his home damaged almost 3 years ago.

“It brings back memories and they’re pretty sad. People and property being destroyed. Of course we’ve been through it and we know how they feel,” said Tuzzio.

Others who went through the Springfield tornado feel lucky compared to those in the South and Midwest right now.

“I feel very sorry for those people, they lost everything. I was lucky. i just lost the roof and a few things, but they lost everything, they’ve got no where to go,” said Claire Tetrault from Springfield.

A tornado forms when winds have different speeds and direction with changes in altitude. That creates a rotating column of air which can get pushed upright by winds (updrafts) within a storm. The rotating storm can then send those rotating winds down to the ground as a tornado.  Winds that could reach 100 miles per hour or higher.

We don’t typically see severe weather until late spring and the first half of summer.

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