Severe weather awareness for New England

SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) – In southern New England’s severe weather season is typically from late spring through the first half of summer.

A severe thunderstorm is any storm with hail at least an inch in diameter, winds greater than 57 miles per hour or a tornado.

While still dangerous, the intensity of lightning or rain don’t determine whether a storm is severe or not.

Watches and warnings issued for storms can be confusing.

Tom Lynch of Springfield told 22News, “I believe it’s confusing for the average person to figure out which one is which. But with more and more information coming across and with people getting more educated about it I think it’s going to be easier for people to understand what it is.”

A Warning is much worse than a watch.

A watch means prepare and have a plan because severe weather is possible.

Once a *WARNING* is issued, you have to act immediately. Severe weather is happening now or expected to happen any minute and you should head to an interior room or basement.

Some severe thunderstorms can cause more damage than tornadoes so both should be taken seriously.

You can sign up for severe weather alerts at

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