Pet Corner: Mabel

Name: Mabel
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Spayed Female (After 4/29/14)
Color: Brown

Reason for Surrender and Description:

As with other Dixie Dogs, we don’t have specific background behavioral info on Mabel, but she is consistently gentle, friendly and well-behaved since she’s been at Dakin. She also just had a litter of puppies that Dakin currently has in foster care and will be made available for adoption very soon!

About Dakin’s Dixie Dog Program:

  • It saves dogs’ lives
  • Our Dixies are specifically chosen for their soft, gentle temperaments
  • We are able to match Dixies with local families who are looking for a loving family dog and want to save a life rather than adopting from a pet store

Despite our Dixie Dog efforts, Dakin’s focus is always on serving the local community (Pioneer Valley) first and foremost.

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