More than 1/3 don’t protect smartphones

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – From photos to pins, your smart phone likely contains some very personal information. But a lot of people don’t protect theirs. 22News is working for you with tips to keep your identity and your money safe.

It’s a tool you use in many parts of your life — work, home, social, school, or spending. Your smart phone. It may rarely be out of your reach, but how protected is it anyway?

“I have the find my phone app but I don’t password protect it. I used to have a password protect thing and it just got to be a pain in the neck to go through password protection just to send a text,” said Rob Camoin.

A new survey from Consumer Reports reveals just over a third of smartphone users don’t take any steps at all to protect the privacy of thief smartphones. That means if the phone got into the wrong hands there’s a good chance the thief would have access to more than just text messages or a contact list.

”A lot of people are not even using desktops anymore, or laptops. They’re using their phones for all their doings online. Check banking, pay bills, check their emails,” said Milagros Johnson, director of the Springfield Mayor’s Office of Consumer Information.

22News is working for you with simple steps to take now, so you’re not sorry later.

Lock your phone so it requires a password to use. It may be annoying to type, but it’s your first line of defense against thieves.

Install antivirus software that will protect you if you make the mistake of clicking a link from an unknown sender.

Use a ‘Find my Phone’ app, which will do just that if it’s misplaced or stolen.

Update your software when possible, and choose your public wireless networks carefully.

Consumer Reports estimates more than 4 million smartphones were lost or stolen in 2013.

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