Get ready to sell

(NBC News) – Even though new and existing home sales sputtered the last few months, a Gallup poll shows 74-percent of Americans still think it’s a good time to buy a home.

If you’re a seller, the pressure’s on.

That means the usual routine to make the home look appealing: new landscaping, fresh paint, cleaning out clutter and probably a kitchen upgrade.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home. When you’re selling your house it’s the first place people look at,” said home improvement specialist George Oliphant.

But like never before, selling a home now requires a digital perspective.

Amy Bohutinsy of online real estate outfit says staging your home online is as important as in-person.

“Ninety-percent of buyers are starting their search on line, often on a mobile device, and your listing has to sing and stand out from the pack,” said Bohutinsky.

She says to get showings, you first have to show-off with photos online.

“And not just great photos, not just a lot of photos, but high definition photos, where people who are looking at it on a phone or on an iPad can see lots of them. It’s great quality, because this is your piece of marketing,” Bohutinsky said.

Use this approach, she says, when using an agent, and definitely if selling yourself.

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