“The Other Woman”

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – I’m so confused. In today’s world, how can a business executive find the time to accumulate a stable of mistresses? 

A better question, why would you waste your time on a feeble comedy like “The Other Woman”?

Career woman Cameron Diaz falls victim to this fast talking Romeo, and then she accidentally discovers he’s two timing his clueless wife.

So Diaz naturally teams up with the guy’s ditsy wife Leslie Mann to secretly plan some elaborate pay back.

If any of this was supposed to be amusing, someone forgot to inform the writers. It seems our serial philanderer has been cheating on both of them by seducing a voluptuous airhead.

The PG-13 rating should be a warning there’s nothing the least bit provocative or spicy about “The Other Woman”.

Shallow, superficial and hardly amusing sum up what you can expect. Not to mention, movie drags on forever showing the audience no mercy trying to make Its point.

Talk about a lame romantic comedy that supposedly has something clever to say about the battle between the sexes. All this turkey tells you is save your money. “The Other Woman” struggles to barely scrape together two stars.

I can see Cameron Diaz frantically trying to erase “The Other Woman” from her resume…

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