Greenfield Farmers Market opens

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – April is the time when many warm weather western Massachusetts traditions start up again during the Spring season.

The Greenfield Farmers Market is up and running Saturday on its 40th anniversary at the town common. Growers and customers alike told 22News, they’ve been looking forward to this weekend. Customers have grown to depend the produce they buy at the farmers market. One Greenfield shopper said she’s by no means a first timer.

“Oh no, I’m a very big fan of farmers markets, I don’t know, probably since the ’80s, ya,ya, ya.” said Zan Walker-Gonvalves.

The Greenfield Farmers market has gotten so popular, vendors even come from outside Franklin County to set up shop here.

Marie Galanek of Belchertown told 22News “It’s a lot of publicity we get to have our products known and we come here and they can contact us on our website and we’re done in Franklin County here.”

With the Greenfield Farmers Market up and running for another season, it won’t be long before other warm weather markets re-open throughout Western Massachusetts. Most at the same stand as the year before.

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