Woman threatens to kill restaurant workers

MIDLAND, Texas (WWLP) – Police say a woman threatened to kill restaurant workers last week over a botched corn dog order.

Apparently Rayne Henry wasn’t happy with her dog, not a husky or a Labrador, she had problems with a corn dog served her at a local restaurant, and returned it twice.

According to the affidavit, Henry then took out a pocket knife threatening to kill the two workers at the counter. The workers dialed 9-1-1 and multiple police cars soon arrived.

“The police officer pulled out her weapon and told her to get down.” said Billy Bob, a witness.

However, the report says she did not listen and apparently was trying to hide the knife while ignoring the officer. “She didn’t get down. She just stood there by the window.”

That’s when officers released their own type of dog, a k-9 with the midland police department. The disturbance ended quickly.

Henry was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital for precautionary reasons and later, arrested and taken to jail.

The Midland Reporter-Telegram reports Henry faces two second-degree felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon. She is being held on a 100-thousand dollar bond.

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