Squatters move out

(WFLA) A pair of squatters have moved out of a soldier’s Florida home, leaving a mess behind.

Army Specialist Michael Sharkey, currently stationed out of state, owns the home, and asked NBC affiliate WFLA for help after discovering it was occupied.

Julio Ortiz and his girlfriend started packing up their belongings at the house they occupied on Wednesday. Ortiz initially said he had a right to stay at the house because of the agreement with the soldier’s friend.

Early Thursday morning the house seemed unoccupied. A few belongings were scattered on the front yard and two dogs were barking in the house. One of the animals jumped out of a broken window and ran around the yard.

A New Port Richey organization, called Veteran Warriors, is organizing a cleanup and remodel of the house. Founder Lauren Price says dozens of veterans and concerned citizens have contacted her hoping to help.

“There’s a lot of cosmetic work to be done, but this is the best case scenario, and we can’t thank Channel 8 enough for coming and putting this pressure on these people, and keeping it on until they actually just caved and moved out,” Price said.

Read more: http://bit.ly/1jLrjoA

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