“Grimm’s” Real-Life Fairytale

(NBC) The Friday night hit “Grimm” specializes in putting a dark new spin on the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm.

Now a real life fairytale plays out with tonight’s episode.

Happenstance led to an acting novice landing a major guest starring role on the series.

Two months ago, Jacqueline Toboni was just another senior on the University of Michigan campus.

Back in February, Toboni’s Screen Arts class played host to two of “Grimm”s” producers. They wound up watching the students do a script reading. They made such an impression, Toboni and two others were invited to audition for the show.

Toboni earned the part of a mysterious newcomer.

Being on “Grimm” means plenty of action, which put Toboni’s study in stage combat to good use.

“All the fighting, all the punches, and getting down and beating up people. That’s Jacqueline. That’s Trubel,” she says of her character.

Originally, Toboni was supposed to be in three episodes of “Grimm”, but it was expanded to four, and producers say there’s a good chance she’ll be back for more action next season.

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