Why gas prices are jumping at the pump

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’ve filled up your car recently, you may have been shocked to see gas prices are going back up, again.

This time of year refineries switch to a more expensive summer blend that means you pay more. The cheapest price for gas in downtown Greenfield is $3.59 and it goes up a few cents here and there across Franklin County. The national average of regular gas is $3.63. That’s more than a 10 cent increase from last month.

But instead of putting trips on hold or carpooling, one driver told 22News what she does to cut costs at the pump.

“I actually am in walking distance of work. I have a fiat so it doesn’t cost me very much to fill up that tank when the prices do go up. So we’ve been very proactive in making sure we have economical cars,” Elizabeth Shoudy told 22News.

Experts say gas prices are also increasing because Gulf Coast refineries are sending more gasoline to other countries. There is also the chance of gas prices going down in the coming weeks. The energy information administration expects brent crude oil to be cheaper this summer than last year.

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