More people are becoming mobile addicts

(WWLP) – If you’re someone who owns a smart phone, there’s a good chance it’s within reach at this very moment. The number of mobile addicts is quickly growing.

Think about how often you open an app on your smart phone — to send a message, check your bank balance, or look at social media. If it’s happening more than 60 times a day, you’re one of the millions of mobile addicts.

The analytics firm Flurry looked at 500,000 apps used by more than a billion people. They found the number of mobile addicts increased by 123% just over the past year.

One admitted mobile addict told 22News his smart phone is an extension of who he is, and it’s hard to disconnect.

“Pretty much all the time. Usually I’m on the phone for work or I’m checking email or text messaging. I’d say at least 15 or 20 minutes out of an hour I’m using my phone. It definitely adds up very quickly,” said Adi Jha.

“I could definitely say I’m one of those people. I probably open an app every 10 minutes. We’ll be sitting next to each other like five of us and we’ll all be on our phones at the same time. Sometimes we’re messaging each other in the same room,” said Carlee Santaniello.

The U.S. is far from the only overly-connected country. According to Global Post, the South Korean government is considering a curfew on smart phone use, to cut down on the average four hours a day South Koreans use their phones.

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