Coyotes attack dogs out for walk with owner

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – Snatched during an early morning walk, Scruffy and Lily were out with their owner Tuesday when they crossed paths with several coyotes.

Owner Jeff Burgess said he heard the yelping and ran through the woods to help his dogs.

“I see the two coyotes, one with each dog in its mouth,” Burgess said. “I started yelling and screaming and yelling, give me my dogs back.”

The coyotes dropped the dogs but they had been badly hurt.

“He was just laying there motionless and even when I picked him up his head went to the side and I thought he was dead,” said Burgess, who immediately put his dogs in the truck and took them to the animal hospital in Kensington.

“It’s still bleeding a little bit but she got nothing compared to Scruffy,” said Corrine Fournier. Scruffy now has a few stitches and some drain tubes, Burgess said.

The people at the Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital said Burgess did the right thing when he went with his heart and got his dogs back. But they say there are some things you can do to protect yourself in the future.

“I would say if you were in the woods and you have the dogs with you carry an air horn,” said Anthony Dibella. “That scares everything. That works well if you get in a predicament like that.”

Other things you should know to help avoid an encounter with coyotes: They are most active at dusk and dawn and they are usually afraid of people.

However, coyote attacks are rare.

“In the 26 years we have been in business we have only seen it once and that was yesterday,” Dibella said.

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