3 teens arrested for sexting each other

NEW YORK (CNN) – Three teens in Arkansas face charges for sexting. Police arrested them Tuesday after they allegedly sent explicit videos of themselves to each other. Now police have a warning for parents.

Betty Jean takes no chances when it comes to her 12-year-old’s cell phone. She just got it a couple months ago, but mom has already set strict guidelines.

“I limit her from getting any kind of bunch of apps and stuff like that so that’s what makes it good,” said Betty Jean.

Her hope is to prevent her family from going through the same thing happening to families of a few kids just a little older than her daughter.

“A parent contacted the police department and we sent an officer to talk with her and she made us aware of this,” Sgt. Richard Betterton said.

During a three week investigation, police say they learned two girls, ages 13 and 14, and a 14-year-old boy exchanged sexually explicit videos using their phones.

“I don’t think kids understand that that’s against the law. A lot of times they’re juveniles and they’re kids and they don’t understand that they can be charged for violating the law for doing this,” Sgt. Betterton continued.

The teens face felony charges. After being arrested, they were released to their parents.

“They could get probation or they could be sent to juvenile detention,” said Betterton.

Police hope this will sound the alarm for parents of young kids.

“Stay involved and what your kids are doing stay up on the social media accounts, talk to your kids a lot, be involved in their lives,” Betterton continued.

That’s the exact philosophy used by Betty Jean, but as her daughter moves into her teenage years. The possibilities of what could go wrong are a growing worry.

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