Maple sugar season is over

Lines still tapped in trees

SHELBURNE, Mass. (WWLP)- If you haven’t bought your locally-produced maple syrup yet you might want to. 22News  found out how a Franklin County sugar house dealt with this year’s shortened season.

Sugaring season usually lasts about 6 weeks, but with this year’s extreme winter, that season was almost cut in half.

The lines still strung on the trees without buckets are a sign that the maple sugaring season has ended. And like many sugarhouses in franklin county, Gould’s Sugar House is still feeling the impact of this year’s winter.

A normal sugaring season that lasts 6 weeks was cut down to less than 30 days. Gould’s wasn’t able to start tapping trees until the first week in March and only had about 14 days of boiling.

Gould’s Sugar House told 22News in a normal winter, this wood pile would be gone. but this year they’ve only been able to use half of the wood pallets and the weather is to blame.

Owner, Larry Gould said, ” It’s just a couple degrees everyday that makes the difference between a good season and a bad season. If it warms up too much you’re on the wrong end. If it’s too cold you’re on the wrong end. We just never got that even balance in temperature.

This year’s winter cost the nation’s economy billions of dollars directly affecting industries like maple sugar production. But some residents told 22News there is always next year. Anthony Cappella said,” Plan again. you know what they say, if you get knocked down, get back up try harder, dust yourself off and try try again.”

Even though Gould’s wasn’t able to use the entire sugaring season, the owner told 22News, they made enough syrup to meet their customers’ demands.

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