GCC brings awareness to domestic violence

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield Community College has been hanging t-shirts around campus for 15 years, and Wednesday marked the start of the Clothesline Project 2014.

The Clothesline Project is an opportunity for women to anonymously reveal their experiences with domestic violence. Get a shirt, share your story, hang it on the line, and reflect.

The goal is to help women heal by candidly expressing themselves, but the project also wants to raise awareness.

“It’s also to keep people aware of something that is very shameful, and we tend to brush it under the rug and keep it hidden. That’s the whole point of the airing dirty laundry because it’s a dirty secret,” said Abbie Jenks, works in Human Services at GCC.

The shirts will be on display for two days only.

The weather kept the Clothesline Project indoors Wednesday, but Thursday the school will be stringing all the shirts outside for everyone to see.

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